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And a wonderful Fan Expo draws to a close!

My longtime internet buddy and beta, Starbatz, came up from Cincinnati. She went all four days, I went three. (Sabbath observance means no Saturdays at cons for me. On the plus side, I do not love crowds. The only way that I deal is to pretty much spend my time in the panel/lecture rooms and Artist Alley, rarely venturing farther afield.)

So. Will post swag pics later. (At least, those I can't find online) My camera flash doesn't work so well, so I'm waiting for better light before I take pics.

Thursday: Scouted Artist Alley. Commissioned a Daredevil sketch from Marcus To. Met up with a lot of friends from past cons (many of the returning artists know me by sight.) No panels I was interested in, so this was more of a recon mission.

Friday: Went looking for an Agnes Garbowska commission for my friend, Robin, but couldn't afford her commission price. Marcus To was already booked and said he might be able to squeeze in a Damian sketch on Sunday. I decided to wait and email her. Meanwhile, I picked up some Agnes Garbowska prints:


Catwoman and friend

Superboy and Batgirl fighting over Robin

and the second pic from the left, top row.

And four lithos from Greg Horn:

Also a Justice League of Shakespeare T-shirt from the Kill Shakespeare table. They gave me a free comic, too.

Went to Comic Book Writing 101 and got tips from Charles Soule and Brian Azarello. I asked a question about how to write different ethnicities respectfully and was advised 1) Just... write them respectfully and 2) If you need to ask if it's offensive, it probably is. So... I guess I'm just going to do my best, hope for the best, and see what happens.

Comic Book Quiz game show. They didn't call me up, but I knew most of the answers. Marvel-centric this time.

Back to Artist Alley. Got a Batman onesie for Jesse and a Flash onesie for Isaac—which I later went back to exchange for a Flash T-shirt, because I got it a size too small. But first, the DC Panel... which was okay but nothing really interesting for me.Some cartoon shorts. Some hype for what's coming next. But... I just wasn't that excited.

More artist Alley. Went by the Action Lab table and picked up Princeless. Not yet finished it, but it's hilarious. Also a Toronto comics anthology. And some Greg Horn lithos:

DD and Spidey



Also a Lee Weeks Daredevil and one by Shawn Daley.

There was a Kubert DD, but not signed. Andy Kubert was coming Saturday. I paid upfront and asked them to hold it until Sunday. They did!

Lined up for Charles Soule's autograph but couldn't hang around for Dan Slott's as I needed to be home in time to finish cooking supper and get ready for Sabbath and the line was long. Besides, he was there Sunday.

Sunday, I went to Marcus To's table first. He wasn't there yet, so I stopped by Kubert's and got my DD. Then lined up for Dan Slott. Got his autograph. Told him I was a huge ASM and Silver Surfer fan. Went back to Artist Alley and got my DD commission. And he did have time for a Damian sketch! Done. Also picked up one by Peter Nguyen and an NW and Red Hood. Got a Neal Adams Batgirl for Debbie. And 5 sketch cards for Blue (NW, Robin, CW, Batman, and BG).

Went to a workshop on how to pitch a story. And then... the Comics Quiz, DC version. I got picked. I won my round and I won the grand prize! Geek Girl Cred ESTABLISHED!!!! WOOHOO!!!

Then went home, saw Debbie off and came here to post, lol!

Great con, can't wait till next year!

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