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So... How hard is it to make fanvids?

It's occurred to me that certain Mary Chapin Carpenter songs seem to evoke bits of OUAT episodes and I would LOVE to learn how to do something with that. I don't know if I need any special software, if I can do it through YouTube, and especially, how to use just the visual from the video and sync it with the audio. I've got a lot of the music, both in my own files and on a YouTube playlist. As for the OUAT material, I watch it on Netflix; I don't own any DVDs. If I'm really lucky, the parts I'd want to use are already on YouTube in clips, if not episodes.

The stars are out tonight, the breeze is warm and light
As I'm walking right back to you
(Okay, this Regina in "The Stable Boy")

Along the dreaming road, the only way to go
("The Savior" just where Morpheus makes his appearance)

When I'm traveling by our code that north is true
(True North, Gretel taking the compass from her dad.)

Once upon a time these same bright stars did shine
Down the center line leading here
(Dreamy. Miner's Day. Candles.)

Nearly thirty years ago, now the map is stained and old
(Manhattan, Cora, Hook, and Regina finding the map in the library. P.S. "Nearly thirty years ago"?! This song is from 2001, a whole 10 years before the show but...)
But on the dreaming road the coast is clear
(And Straight on til Morning, Rumple using blood magic to make the map appear on the globe)

The rest of the lyrics are here and they ALL make me think of the show. So...

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